- Responsible action with the environment.

Metalsider considers that responsible performance is an essential condition for its activities. Based on this principle, we structure our Environmental Management System, committing ourselves to:
- identify the environmental aspects associated with its activities and products, establishing technical and economically feasible measures for pollution control, monitoring and prevention;
- comply with legislation, applicable standards and other requirements determined by the organization that relates to its environmental aspects;
- promote the awareness of employees and suppliers for the continuous improvement of the performance of the Environmental Management System.


Metalsider has made significant investments in the environmental control of the production process, minimizing the impacts to the environment, highlighting:
- installation of modern systems of receiving and handling of raw materials, mainly charcoal. At the loading and unloading of the blast furnace equipments were deployed to avoid dust emanation;
- system of control, drainage and primary treatment of rainwater in the whole area of the plant;
- own water treatment system, all the water being used in the recirculated production process, not generating process effluents;
- systems for the control and use of the generated gases;
- constant maintenance of patios and unpaved accesses, in order to avoid the generation of dust.
- Implementation of the "Green Belt", bypassing the industrial park and internal areas. In conjunction with the landscape projects, the "Green Belt" improves the climatic conditions, promoting the integration of the industrial plant with the environment.


The production of pig iron using charcoal as the combustion agent, has an important contribution to the environment. The production of oxygen (O²) and sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere is verified as the final process of production of the forest biomass to generate the raw material required for its operation.
Metalsider is a pig iron plant that uses charcoal as the main raw material and, in this way, aims at self-sufficiency and compliance with relevant legal requirements, investing in large-scale afforestation and reforestation in its own properties.