Pig Iron

- High degree of metallurgical quality.

Brazil is one of the few countries in the world to produce pig iron from the renewable energy of biomass in the form of charcoal, ensuring a better quality product for the production of steel and castings.
Metalsider’s pig iron holds a significant share of the market because it has a high degree of metallurgical quality. The company uses the best iron ores and fluxes present in the so-called “iron quadrilateral”, all acquired from environmentally certified mining companies.


All pig iron production goes through strict operational control, guaranteeing a quality product, essential in many industrial applications.
The process of intermittent pouring of pig iron in ladles promotes the chemical homogeneity of the final product, enabling the perfect fulfillment of the technical specifications required by the market.


Working with creativity to design solutions that are appropriate to the reality and needs of each customer, Metalsider enables the delivery of pig iron in liquid state with efficiency and safety.
Carried by a fleet of specially designed trucks adapted for transportation, the operation reduces inventory costs and increases productivity for the customer.