The Company / Management System

- Quality and Environmental Management Integrated Policy.


Metalsider establishes, as its Quality and Environmental Integrated Policy, the constant search for the satisfaction of its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, social and government agents), aiming at the equation of their demands and commitment to the prevention of pollution, with the fulfillment of legal requirements and with the continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System.

For Metalsider, quality has to be put into practice every day. This determination led to the implementation of the Quality Management system and its certification in the NBR ISO 9001 standard. With constant investments in technology, in addition to internal training and quality and environmental audits, Metalsider works to ensure the reliability of its final product and achieve a standard of organizational excellence, perfecting talents in search of better results at all levels of the company.


For METALSIDER, talking about quality is not enough: we need to put it into practice. This purpose led to the implementation of the Quality Management system, as well as to its NBR ISO 9001 certification.
The energy put into the consolidation of programs such as 5S and quality program was vital to the improvement of the organization, cleanness and discipline in all plant sectors, introducing new techniques that better the performance and improve production processes.
Constantly investing in the latest technology for laboratorial analysis of pig iron, in addition to internal training courses, quality audits and environmental audits, METALSIDER works to ensure the reliability of its end products and to meet the organizational standard of excellence, improving talents in order to achieve better results in all company levels.


Metalsider aims to continuously improve its environmental management system and the formation of links of responsibilities. That is why achieving certification in the ISO 14001 standard was very important.

The company seeks through environmental education projects to train and sensitize employees on environmental issues. Concerned about the Environment, Metalsider makes constant investments in the environmental control of the production process.